What You'll Be Getting
(1) Lifetime Access to Private Discord Channel & Live Trading Sessions.

(2) 2 Personal 1-1 Trading Lessons  on how to open & close each trade conducted.

(3) Access to over 200 Minutes of  Trading Tutorials to get you started investing or trading - See below)

Will be updated each month and conducted by my team.
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Course Curriculum 

(Concepts Include but are not limited to:)

  • Intro to Trading Stocks or Derivatives
  • How to take your First Trade: Laddering Entries & Exits
  • ​How to read the chart movements: Smart Money Concept
  • ​How to use the Exchanges
  • ​Technical Indicators:Volume & Price Indicators, Stochastic, Oscillators in an easy to understand format.
  • ​Fundamental Analysis
  • ​Volume Nodes & Liquidity Squeezes
  • ​Trading Strategies on Different Timeframes
  • ​Proper Risk Management: Getting in High Probability Set-ups, Take Profits & Stop Losses 
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Curriculum Overview

History of Money

Federal Reserves System
Top Economies
Analysing Historic Market Yields
Spotting Market Corrections & Crashes

Basics of Investing & Trading

Trading & Investing Instruments
Trading Psychology
Strategy & Portfolio Management for Beginners
7 Golden Rules
Profiting in a Bear Market
Choosing the Right exchanges
Purchase Strategies

Technical Analysis

Chart Patterns
Candlestick Patterns
[In-House Strategy] Fibonacci + Elliot Waves + RSI


Invest using Fundamental/Technical Analysis & Tokenomics
Navigating Exchange Platforms
Earn Passive Income with Staking & Yield Farming

(Options & Futures)

Live Exchange Demo
Liquidity & Gap Trading Strategy
Wheels, Covered Calls, Condors, Butterflies, Straddles
Max Pain Options Theory


FX Terminologies
Fundamental Analysis
Advanced Smart Money Trading Concept 


Indices & ETFs
Fundamental Analysis
Financial Ratios

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