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As we know in investing, alpha is used to describe an investment strategy's ability to beat the market, or its "edge". At FindingAlpha, we are here to help you look for your edge in investing. 

With Investment Guides, 1-1 Video Lessons & Newsletter Analysis - This is a one-stop community platform for people to discuss all things investments.


Navigate the ever-changing Crypto Markets; We discuss different support and resistance levels, derivative trading strategies, new launches for ICOs, IDOs, IEOs and yield farming.


For the more speculative investor, learn how to extract profits on a daily basis and see how the markets actually move in a way that is systematic and easy to follow.


Learn how to value invest and profit consistently using Options or Dividends and build a diversified portfolio suitable for your risk appetite today. 

Financial Planning

Get help to guide you step by step along your journey with personalise tips to maximise the opportunities that are available out there to help you reach your financial goals.

Real Estate

Hearing all the talk about diversifying your investments with Real Estate but have no idea what that really means? We got you. Learn from our experienced advisors on how to best structure and diversify your investments according to your current financial portfolio.


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Results vary depending on starting point, financial goals and discipline towards following the strategies. 
The contents on our website are for educational purposes only & should not be treated as Financial Advice.
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